2001-10-08 - 8:45 a.m.

For a brief moment in my history, I felt our states united. The horror of the September 11th tragedies will never leave the American people. For 2 weeks, we collectively mourned the lives lost. We cried when we heard the details of the last moments of their lives. We grieved when we heard the biographies of their lives and who they left behind. It seemed that people were more cordial to each other. We forgave slights and pulled our loved ones closer. American flags could not be kept in stock at floors. You could look down the street and see the multitudes of flags waving in the wind. "God Bless America" could be seen and heard just about everywhere.

And now, this unity is quickly disintigrating. The outrage of the terrorist attacks seems to have dwindled. Americans are protesting the war, anti-semetic remarks can be heard. Racial slanders and even beatings have been directed towards Americans who may look Arabic.

I am concerned that war protests send the message to the world that we are no longer united.

I am distressed that Arab-Americans will be scrutinized, scorned and possibly hurt.

I worry that mosques and synagogues will be vandalized.

I grieve the loss of the unity that was briefly embraced.

Would the feeling of unity have carried on further if the United States had struck back earlier? If we don't capture Bin Laden soon, will we become disillusioned with our government and divide further? I don't know.

I hope that a tragedy of the magnitude of September 11th is not the only way we could bring this country together.

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