March 11, 2002 - 11:40 a.m.

The Spotted Has Been Spotted!

My poor little Dalmatian. She is deaf and was abused by her former owners because she did not "listen" to them. Apparently, she was held down on a leash and beaten with a garden hose.

After a year and a half, she is finally making it. She is now house trained and plays all the time. She is also more like a true Dalmatian: constantly in motion, eating everything in site, stubborn, smart and testing you all the time.

We call her W.P. for Whisker Puss because she has more whiskers on her snout than a baby seal!

She is afraid of flashes, so I have yet to take a photograph of her when she is not asleep. W.P. also recognizes the camera as a flash maker so she runs away.

This is my first picture of her awake! You can't tell by the picture, but she is a real cutie!

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