2002-01-11 - 9:52 p.m.

Tomorrow is our yard sale - which should be very interesting. We have been tag saling together for almost a year. These sales give you a look into the lives of the sellers - if only a peek. What have they purchased? What do they want to sell? Why do they want to sell it? For example, the things that give me the jimmies are used underwear and slippers with the last wearer's feet are imprinted with dirt. I didn't think I could get more disgusted than the people who sold used cloth diapers. Oh, they had been cleaned, but the baby made his permanent mark. Pieces of lives are revealed. Personal objects are expressions of ourselves. What do we choose to put on display? What is kept hidden?

When you go to the rich places, they are always the ones who sell crap. They think their cracked china and old tupperware are appeasing to the masses.

The saddest are the estate sales. You go into someone's house and rummage through the deceased's life. I hate it when there are photographs still on the wall. I don't want to be reminded that they are dead. However, there have been a couple of estate sales that we were "wowed" by. It's not that their taste is the same as ours, but you could tell they were living their lives to the fullest until the end. Their houses were meticulously decorated, and there was evidence of cocktail parties or many vacations.

Tomorrow, we are mostly selling Ebay stuff that we can't sell, or is not worth selling. Only a few personal effects will be on display: a couple of books, some clothing. It's a relief not to reveal yourself to strangers.

I asked David if he thought we had good merchandise. He said, of course, we thought it was cool once. So, maybe we will be on display. It will be interesting to see how we are received. I recommended mimosas, so we should be close to our normal selves tomorrow.

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