2001-12-15 - 9:06 p.m.

I think one of the signs that you have gone insane is if you find yourself one day transporting your belongings in plastic grocery bags wherever you go. I didn't think about it until recently. Jay went to visit Linton's crazy (already confirmed) sister in NYC. Herndon was loaded down with her belongings in bags that were probably not essential to eating at a restaurant. The fact that she had made bracelets out of tin cans and wore them all of the way up her arms is besides the point.

It didn't really hit me until I visited my brother. Stephen was preparing for a greyhound bus ride and then a 3-day train trip. He must have lugged no fewer than 15 thin, flimsy, plastic bags to our rental car. They were filled with stuff. Not clothes, not small mementos. (He was only supposed to stay in CT for a limited time). He packed books, papers, notebooks, art work, huge supply of vitamins, etc. They were falling and ripping out of the bags. This made it difficult for us to get into a cab, or move our stuff into the lobby of the airport when we were stranded.

I don't know why this is a sign of insanity. We notice crazy people on the street carrying their belongings wherever they go. Sometimes, they use a grocery cart. Maybe because most of them are transient, they are afraid someone would steal their stuff. I knos that Stephen's roommates have no problem rummaging through his room and taking things.

All of us have objects that are important to us for one reason or another. Other people may find them insignificant. It would be worse if someone broke into your house and stole your precious items compared to a TV. Even nomads carried small objects from place to place.

Everyone says "I have too much stuff". Especially when we move. But, perhaps it is in our human nature that we collect and hold onto something more tangible and permanent than people.

Perhaps these "insane" people are not so crazy after all. By why do they have to use plastic grocery bags?


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