2001-10-06 - 2:55 p.m.

Jesus' Arm

The other day, Jesus' arm fell off and fell into the sink and down the drain. As you can imagine, I was quite distraught over the matter.

I had bought this small icon of Jesus at a yard sale. I thought he would look fantastic next to my Marys. This Jesus particularly stood out because he was holding a goblet of wine in one hand and the Host in the other. It looked as though Jesus was about to eat the wafer.

If Jesus at the Host, he would indeed eat him self. How would one term that? Auto-cannibalism? If one were an auto-cannibalist, would you proceed because you loved your self or hated yourself? I believe love. You choose to eat what you like. Jeffrey Daumer, for example, at the objects of his desire.

This then raises the spiritual and physical questions. If the son of God were to eat himself, does he become more of himself or less? If he becomes less - or even nothing - what happens to the Holy Trinity? If he becomes more, he could upset that balance.

And how does this reflect on God? Does he care if his errant son exhibits peculiar behavior? How does this reflect on his role as Creator and Commander of the Universe. "Look," They might say, "God can't even get his son to stop eating himself, for God's sake."

Unfortunately, the arm Jesus that was holding the Host in now lost in the sewers of New Orleans. Now, there can be no more philosophical examinations of this enigmatic icon. - Or can there?


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