2002-01-19 - 3:33 p.m.

She paused for a moment and said aloud, "Isn't it odd that you never ask yourself if you are dreaming when you are awake?"

Picking up the sledgehammer, she twisted her waist backwards, then let it fly against the plaster wall. Another snow storm of particles rushed into the room. Blinking through the white powder she saw that the hole was almost large enough for her to go through. She gave the wall one more wack and large pieces of the wall fell off.

She pushed herself through the hole and found herself in another small, white, square room. She stepped forward. Her arms were heavy, but she lifted the sledgehammer anyway. Her efforts to conquer the plaster walls had left her entirely covered with white dust.

She squeezed herself through the narrow slit and felt a breath of fresh air. She wiped the dust from here eyes. It appeared that she was standing in a beautiful Roman garden. Large white pillars enclosed this garden. Lovely vines of flowers climbed the pillars. Surrounding the glistening pond were Roman statues of heroes past.

She stepped into the shallow pool to clean herself. Her arms stiffened which made it difficult to wash. Suddenly, her legs were hard to bend. With great difficulty, she pulled herself out of the pool. Standing between 2 pillars, she felt her entire body harden. Just before the plaster climb down over her eyes, she saw the hole in the wall she had busted through was entirely fixed.

Her eyes popped open.

She was in her bed. She paused and said aloud, "Isn't it odd that you never ask yourself if you are dreaming when you are awake?"

She reached over to touch her husband and felt the sculpted, hard, stone chest.

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