2002-01-29 - 9:37 p.m.

Part 2

As I told the head office, "I don't deal with expectations." They know that, of course. But, when customer service receives a complaint, they have to say something. Okay, so this was a little more serious than I expected, but still, it wasn't my fault. Maybe I overdid it a littles. She seemed like a nice lady and needed some piece of mind. She was so calm and restful, that she told these thugs where her son lived. Two broken legs and a fractured skull later, she complains that she has less piece of mind than she had before.

Everyone at the head office knows that it wasn't my fault. She just isn't utilizing her sources well. At least I'm not a sensory broker. Those guys have it tough. Convincing someone to exchange their sight for extra tastebuds - now that's a rough sales to close.

Anyway, everything worked out perfectly in Miami. And, that's what counts.

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